A peek into the different fictional metals of Marvel Unvierse

Marvel Universe, apart from its fictional heroes, it is also known for its creative locations, concepts and theories. It just never stops to amaze us. Many had been asking me to write a list of different metals found in Marvel universe and compare them. So I have done some research and have listed down my... Continue Reading →


What to expect from Thor 3- Trailer Analysis

So guys Thor Ragnarok trailer just dropped by and I must say it just blew my mind. Intriguing sound track, rise of the new villains, Mjolnir getting toasted (When we all thought the hammer to be indestructible), return of our favorite Marvel Villain Loki and THE GLADIATOR HULK. What else do one need than an... Continue Reading →

Can we kill Deadpool? If we cut of his head will his body come out of his head or vice versa or will we get 2 deadpools!! Chimichanga!!

I don’t know why I even wrote Chimichanga here. Like Deadpool I too may have be enthralled by the smell and pronunciation of the word Chimichanga… And by the way people Chimichanga is a Mexican food in case you didn’t know. To put it simply Deadpool is immortal. Deadpool possesses a superhuman healing factor derived... Continue Reading →

Naruto The last Episode…review!

Yesterday marked the end of Naruto Series which ran for an entire 720 episodes. The 500th episode of Naruto Shippuden ends with the news of the release of Boruto : Naruto Next Generations. Fans all around the world eagerly waited for the final episode of Naruto Shippuden and i must say it surely rose up... Continue Reading →

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