How Eren became a Titan Shifter?? Spoiler Alert!!

From the beginning of the Anime Series – Attack on Titans I had been haunted with the question of ho
w were the titans formed or created and why? I recently only got to know the answer as i am not a regular manga reader.

In season 1 of the TV series they were only represented as naked enlarged human like creatures, mindless and led only by the appetite for humans. Some abnormal species of titans were introduced like the armored, colossus and female titan. Later we find Eren too transforming to one…which really was a surprise for me as it was out of blue for a main protagonist like Eren to die in the 4th episode of the series. Those kind of humans who can transform into titans are called titan shifters. We find 4 of them in season one.

So coming to the point how Eren became a Titan Shifter?

A human is made into a Titan by injecting a special kind of serum into their body. This transforms these humans to mindless Titans  called the pure ones. But these have no grisha_prepares_to_give_eren_the_serum1special abilities like the Titan Shifters, but can achieve one by devouring a Titan Shifter. This allows them to become a Titan Shifter themselves i.e. they can transform back to their human form. This was how Eren was transformed into a titan.  His father Grisha Yeager was himself a Titan Shifter .He injected the serum into his son and made Eren eat him so that Eren can become a Titan Shifter with the powers acquired by Grisha.

So that’s all for now…More theories coming soon…Do comment on which topic I should write on next? Also comment about this post too.. As I am new to blogging any comment would matter a lot to me!!

Guys here is a video complilaion that I made on Attack On Titan. Do give it a shot..Thanks


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