Why did Dom betray his Family? Fate of Furious Fan Theory

Things that come to one’s mind when we hear about Fast and Furious franchise is mind blowing crazy car stunts, action and things about Family and stuffs. Ya of course we saw the glimpses of the crazy car stunts in the trailer as expected but the question that everyone would raise is why and for what did Dom betray his family the very same thing he had been emphasizing about for the past 7 sequels.

The trailer #1 just gave us this question to ponder on, but trailer #2 definitely gave us some clues to make fan theories on.

First of all we see Charlize Theron speaking to Dom about them crossing paths previously in London, Abu Dhabi and Cuba in the previous sequels. So I think this has to do with some sort of black mail shit. She must have found something to blackmail Dom with and we see Dom saying he has got NO other choice than follow her. Everyone in F & F series had secrets to hide.What could Dom be hiding from the rest of the family that could put him under somebody else’s lock and key? I can’t answer that.

Some crazy Fan theories that I found on net….They are really crazy than the trailer itself..!

Dom is being Winter Soldier’d

In the past sequel we had seen Letty going through so kind of mind control shit like the winter soldier. What they suggest is whether Dom been mind controlled to do these for her. But I think NO as we see he himself telling he had NO choice, that means he is doing this with full consciousness.

Clone Dom

Honor, family, and cars are ingrained in Dom’s DNA at this point, so how could this 1200even be him? Could we be getting Double Dom in the future?  This is what they raised. I have No
comments on this as this is funny to hear but too far fetched to be true. But wait there was this scene where Charlize Theron goes way beyond realism where she has the technology to control all the cars in a city with just a track pad. If this can be true why not that. State your comments on this!!

Dom just really wants Charlize Theron

screenshot-www-youtube-com-2017-02-24-16-20-59Ya I may agree with this…Boys after all she is The Charlize Theron!

Just for NO REASON AT ALL….here is a remix trailer that I made using Fate of The Furious Trailer #1 and India’s Biggest Motion Picture Bahubali. Its funny do write your comments on this too.. 😀



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