Why did Optimus prime leave us? Why they keep coming back? Transformers 5: The Last Knight-Trailer Breakdown

I must say being a Transformers fan, The Transformers 5: The Last Knight trailer was epic!! It just revealed the plot lines in a hype creating way. Just enough to make the fans watch the movie just to get those facts….The trailer reveals Optimus prime being gone… two worlds colliding….and last of all Optimus Prime asking Forgiveness to Bumbulbee while stabbing him….Is this what Heroes turning Villains mean !!

So coming to the plot, from the source I have, this whole story line is about Optimus Prime (conscience stricken for he being somehow involved in the destruction of his home planet)   trying to find an artifact(of course that would be on Earth) that would help to restore his home planet Cybertron. The artifact goes way back to the history of transformers coming to Earth and has something to do with King Arthur period. My guess is the artifact has to be the sword Excalibur as something like that was shown in the very beginning of the trailer. There were reports of Megatron coming back too. There were glimpses of Prime’s home planet Cybertron being formed on the atmosphere of earth that would mean transformers-5-trailer-images-slice-600x200destruction of Earth as a price to be paid for the formation of Cybertron. These may be the reasons why Bumbulbee being the more humane character trying to stop Optimus from doing this. In this series we may be seeing Bumbulbee in a more leadership role along with Hound, Crosshairs and Drift. In the movie we will also get to know more about why transformers came to Earth as in the trailer we hear the voice of Anthony Hopkins explaining the theories.

michael-bay-squeeks-and-isabela-moner-transformers-5-the-last-knight-movieAll praise goes to the director Micheal Bay for creating such marvels for us. He is taking the use of CGI to a whole new level. And with this nice plot being the backbone am sure the movie would be a blaster.

Do comment your views. If you have some other theories doPicture2 comment them so that we can discuss more and get a clearer picture from the clues.


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