A sneak peek into the main antagonists in Spider Man Homecoming! Trailer#2 breakdown

So guys Spiderman: Homecoming trailer #2 just

Ghot:”I’m Spidey”

dropped by and it look AMAZING with all the drama going around between Tony and Peter, the menacing acts of Vulture and few comedy scenes between Peter and his buddy Ned. The trailer clip is attached below.

And coming to our topic about the villains of Spiderman Homecoming, we all know Vulture is the main villain of this movie and is played by Michael Keaton. In comics Adrian Toomes, an electronics engineer, was the first to use the alias term Vulture. From time to time we had seen, recurring roles of Vulture under different names acting as one of the main super villain of Spiderman seconded to Chameleon. Toomes and his partner Bestman was running a partnering business were Tommes took care of inventions while Bestman finance. But Toomes gets cheated by his partner leaving him penniless. Toomes resort to evil means to live like robbery using the flight harness he made. That’s the origin of Vulture. In comics Vulture of Toomes is more greenish and bird-like but in the movie it’s more realistic, techie and has a dark aura. My guess is that, the story line of the movie would also be similar to the comics, i.e., as all the superhero movies, spiderman gets defeated at first and then goes on to make a tech that can demobilize the flight harness all by himself, as Stark dumped him-> uses that gadget on a fight in the air-> Vulture crashes down and gets arrested by police and may be, we can also expect a sequel scene after that. There were glimpses of this story line I mentioned in the trailer too. Then there is reports on debut of the Tinkerer


played by Michael Chernus. The character has superhuman gift of genius in engineering, and is rumored to have the capabilities to create gadgets from even common household parts. In comics he had helped many villains in making their tech gadgets and has even escaped spiderman many times by fooling spidey with his creations. In this movie I am hoping to see him working along side Vulture in creating his tech. But the drama scenes between Tony and Peter would be classic parts of the movie. The trailer also viewed some tech enhancements of the spidey suit like the tracer and the spidey wings. I am pretty sure there would be many light moments in the movie as is evident from the trailer.

Overall the movie looks promising and I must say It’s a must watch for all Spiderman fans.

To get a more detailed trailer breakdown do read the below linked article. It’s an awesome article written by my friend.


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