Can we kill Deadpool? If we cut of his head will his body come out of his head or vice versa or will we get 2 deadpools!! Chimichanga!!

I don’t know why I even wrote Chimichanga here. Like Deadpool I too may have be enthralled by the smell and pronunciation of the word Chimichanga… And by the way people Chimichanga is a Mexican food in case you didn’t know.

To put it simply Deadpool is immortal. Deadpool possesses a superhuman Picture1healing factor derived from that of the mutant Wolverine that allows him to regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of his cellular structure at a rate far greater than that of an ordinary human. To me I can’t find a single way to kill him than the way in comics were he gets killed when two planets (one being Earth) colliding together destroying both the planets and Deadpool. In comics of Wolverine we find wolverine could generate his entire form from a single drop of blood, and that applies to Deadpool too. So the way in which he gets killed in comics is also not justifiable. The only possible way to STOP Deadpool if he goes rogue is to smash of his head. I am not saying that would kill him, but if his head got blown to pieces he has to regenerate is entire brain again which would lead to creation of new neurons (the message passing cells of brain) which in turn means that all of his memories would have been gone leaving him like a new born baby with no memory of what he was doing till then just like the baby hand in the movie. But this too is contradicted in the comic “Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe” where Invisible woman from Fantastic four blows of his head by a force beam but deadpool regenerates back with his previous memories and kills Invisible Woman too. Just give a look at the video below of “Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe”…It’s spoooooky…

So all I can say is Deadpool is immortal and it’s all up to the creators to find a way to kill him…: P ..And about the 2nd question I raised in the title. I think it’s Picture2.pngpossible. What do you think guys?? Do comment your opinion. I think it would be cool to have many Deadpools rolling around like minions with their Chimichangas… lol.


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