So what is Gotham city? Home sweet home Batman!!

“When is a man a City?…When its batman or when its Gotham?…I’d take either answer !!” –The Riddler

In Batman series we find Gotham city and Batman so connected that, we are in a situation that we can’t replace one with another. So guys what is that so much grabs us to Gotham that no other city in any comics ever did?3675008-6738955060-imageGotham is portrayed as a city which never goes down in crime rates, and Batman, in Jim Gordon’s words (in Nolan’s triology) is “the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight”. This is how inseparable Batman and Gotham is. It is the Gotham that killed Bruce Waynes parent’s in the form of a petty theif, whom its corrupt conditions created. It is this very thing that led Bruce to have a never ending obsession to eradicate Gotham from its corruption, leading him in becoming a darker hero for the city.

In the beginning there was no Gotham city, it was just New York City, until 1943 comics where Gotham city came into picture. In Adam West’s Batman series it was more comical than its serious side. When the show became unpopular creators started giving darker touch to the character and the city. It was then, the different parts of the city was given more importance and slowly the city grew into a character of its own. This run of dark comics culminated in 1986 with Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. This became an dd9911bc8b0bf4519e886acb6f301a0asuccess and 3 years later Gotham became a Nightmare. The Gotham city started getting portrayed as a Dark Deco and got fashioned as if “Hell burst threw the pavement and grew”. In an famous arc called “No man’s Land” the national government choses to abandon Gotham and leave when the city was entirely destroyed by an earthquake. Soon the island got outrun my criminal and villains and became a hell on earth.

Christopher Nolan’s Gotham was more realistic and dark than the Burton’s Gotham which was more of a nightmare. But Gotham that resembled more of our world with all dark_knight_wallpaper_gotham_city.jpgof its insecurities was more appealing for the audience to watch. With more than 70 years of its own history we have an exhaustive information about its attitude, its feel, of places there, like Wayne Tower, Arkham Asylum or Crime Alley. It’s a City that grew to its shape from the many stories we have heard of our caped hero and not a one that can be confined to a mere map.

So guys do write your views on Gotham city. Which one did you guys like Nolan’s one or Burton’s one?


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