10 things you didn’t know about Kimi no Na wa (Your Name)

Kimi no Na wa (YourName) is one of the best anime movies of 2016 and its English dubbed version just got released last week in theaters .It is directed by Makoto Shinkai based on his own novel with the same name. Many must have already seen this movie and I must say I am a huge fan of this movie’s story-line and its spectacular animation.

Storyline (Brief):

Kimi no na wa Your Name GhotCorner.comThe storyline of this movie is about a boy (Taki) and a girl (Mitsuha) who gets body swapped with little memory of what was happening, each consecutive day. They live each other’s life helping them solve other’s issues. Later, all of a sudden the switching stops and Taki goes out to find out Mitsuha, as love as sprouted out between them. He has no clue where to look for her than the landscapes he saw but latter on finds out that Mitsuha had died 3 years ago when a comet struck and whipped out her little village. But Taki soon finds out a way to save Mitsuha and story goes on. Even though time barred both of them from each other, but fate brought them together. Do watch the movie guys it’s refreshing and touchy.

So here are some of the things you may or may not have known about ‘Your Name’.

#1. It was a huge commercial success grossing around US$190 million becoming the second largest gross for a domestic movie in Japan, leaving behind ‘Spirited Away’.

#2. It is the 1st anime not directed by Hayao Miyazaki to cross a $100 million in collection.

#3. Mitsuha’s family members are named after leaves – Her Grandmother’s name Hitsuha means One Leaf, Her Mother Futaba means Two Leaves, Mitsuha means Three Leaves and her little sister Yotsuha means Four Leaves. Found interesting…!

Kimi no na wa yourname GhotCorner.com 10 things you didn't know
Movie location & Real Location

#4. Some scenes from the movie where actually taken from the real world places for example Mitsuha’s village was inspired from Aogashima Island,the lake Itomori is taken from the real lake Suwa, the place where they actually meet at the end which is used in the promotional pictures is also from a real place called Suga Shrine.

#5. Trivia!! The iconic promotional poster of teenage Taki and Mitsuha on a stairs never happened in the movie, but they do meet at the end when they were adults and not teenagers at the same stairs!!

#6. The meteor in Kimi no Na wa that wipes out Mitsuha’s entire village is coined after Mesopotamian Goddess Tiamat who is the goddess of ocean who acts as the symbol for feminine beauty and for chaos of primordial creation…Found anything relatable!!

Your name Kimi no na wa Cafe GhotCorner.com
Kimi no Na wa Cafe Ikebukuro

#7. There actually was a café opened for a month in January, 2017 in Ikebukuro Parco inspired from the anime’s theme. Their menu consisted of foods that were shown in the anime and it even had the dish that Mitsuha ordered when she first came to Tokyo. They even made an edible form of the phone that Mitusha was using to take pictures of the food!!

Kimi no na wa yourname GhotCorner.com 10 things you didn't know
The Red Ribbon of Faith

#8. In Japanese tradition there is a thing called Red String of Faith which resembles the joining of fated couples. In the movie Mitsuha always wore a red string to tie her hair and many a times in the movie we see the use of this symbolic red string acting like something that brings back the memories of past for Taki and Mitsuha.

#9. Noda Yojiro composed the lyrics for the music of the movie and the director had asked him to compose it such that it can supplement the dialogue of the characters. And I must say he really has done his job well. The film’s soundtrack was the runner-up in the “Best Soundtrack” category of New-type Anime Awards, 2016.

#10. Ever wondered how Makoto Shinkai got the idea for this story? Well in the past he had worked on an advertisement video called crossroad for an educational correspondence course for a company called Z-kai. It tells a story about a girl and a boy separated by cities gets connected by this course and in the end meets on the results announcement day. Bit cheesy right!!

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