What to expect from Thor 3- Trailer Analysis

So guys Thor Ragnarok trailer just dropped by and I must say it just blew my mind. Intriguing sound track, rise of the new villains, Mjolnir getting toasted (When we all thought the hammer to be indestructible), return of our favorite Marvel Villain Loki and THE GLADIATOR HULK. What else do one need than an Incredible Hulk Smash.

So lets get straight to trailer breakage..

Thor 3 chained GhotCorner.com

#1 Thor chained up

So the trailer starts off with Thor hanging upside down in chains. And we will be up to seeing lot more of the chained up Thor in the movie quite contrary to his mightiness and godliness.

Thor 3 chained GhotCorner.com#2 Hela and the Destruction of Asgard

Hela the Asguardian goddess of Death is portrayed by Cate Blanchett is seen as an abominable foe for Thor as she could stop Mjolnir with such cool and even crush it to pieces. Really guys I was taken aback when the Hammer got shattered. Then we see the destruction of the Asguard by her so menacingly that even Thor gets blown off from the planet to another. Guys what is Thor without his Hammer and Asguard !!

#3 Thor becomes a Gladiator and Valkyire

We see Thor falling down to a new planet where he is not received as a guest. We see the new planet to closely represent or stage the Guardians of the Galaxy world and this might be the movie in which the Guardians meet Avengers. Then we see Valkyire portrayed by Tessa Thompson pulling up the captured Thor and giving him a make-over. “Guys, Mighty Thor got a Haircut :P” . Being an Asgurdian herself she may have a back story herself for why she is doing this as we know from the comics that she is no foe. We even find a war scene between Hela and some warriors on Pegasus and I think that warrior that falls down is Valkyire and this may have some connection to why she is acting like a foe.

Loki Thor meme GhotCorner.com#4 Loki is back! –

In marvel cinemas Loki has more fans than many other heroes. And seeing him all ready for battle gives us goosebumps. We are not sure whether he is acting like a villain here or not. But we are sure that he must have some connections with restoration of the lost honor of Thor. We even find him seated next to Grandmaster portrayed by Jeff Golblum while Thor and Hulk fights down in the arena.

Planet Gladiator Hulk Thor 3 GhotCorner.com#5 Gladiator Hulk(aka Planet Hulk) –

From the comics we know that Hulk becoming rated as too dangerous to remain on Earth gets tricked to sending him away from Earth and ends up on planets where he had to fight off monsters to find a way back to earth to take revenge. So in this movie Hulk may be a foe at first to Thor as we see him fighting out with Thor in the Arena but latter he may find peace with himself and may wind up helping Thor. After all its Hulk guys, he has the heart of butterfly.

#6 Extras –

Heimdall (the gate keeper) played by Idris Elba is also seen fighting some guys in a place other than Asgard with trees and all. We also find Skurge The Executioner portrayed by Karl Urban, a highly acknowledged Asgardian fighting among the Asgard warriors.

What do you think guys about the trailer?…Do drop a comment…We can discuss..!

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