A peek into the different fictional metals of Marvel Unvierse

Marvel Universe, apart from its fictional heroes, it is also known for its creative locations, concepts and theories. It just never stops to amaze us. Many had been asking me to write a list of different metals found in Marvel universe and compare them. So I have done some research and have listed down my findings below.

#1. Adamantium

It is an iron based, very dense, artificially created alloy which is considered to be indestructible. It has the capability to sustain multiple nuclear explosions. It is rumored that a pure blade of this metal can cut through any known metal, yes of course the depth of cut will depend on the user’s strength too. Different forms of Adamantium include:

wolverine adamantium GhotCorner.com
Wolverine after the injection of Adamantium
  1. Proto Adamantium – Most indestructible material, found uniquely in Captain America’s Shield. This is a combination of vibranium and some other unknown elements and was created when a mishap happened in the lab. Thus no formula for the same is available. It was damaged or destroyed only 5 times in the comics by Doctor Doom, Thanos, Molecule Man, Thor and the Serpent only by the use of special enhancements.
  2. True Adamantium – This was created while an attempt to re-create Proto-Adamantium. This is same one that forms the skeleton of Wolverine.
  3. Secondary Adamantium- Cheaper to create than real adamantium and stronger than most of the normal metallic alloys.

There are also other forms like Adamantium Beta (altered form of adamantium in wolverine’s body), Adamantium Earth etc.

Some other wielders include Ultron (outer shell), Sabretooth (skeleton and claws) and Lady Deathstrike (skeleton and talons).

#2. Vibranium

captain america sheild GhotCorner.com“Most versatile metal in the world, and they used it to make a Frisbee” – Ultron

It is a rare naturally occurring element of alien origin. Its ore was mostly found in African Wakanda region. It has the ability to absorb vibrations and has energy manipulating qualities. There is also a type of Vibranium with opposite effect called Anti-metal found in Savage Land. Black Panther has his claws made of the material.

Deadpool with katanas GhotCorner.com#3. Carbonadium

This sometimes is called poor man’s adamantium and is created by USSR. It is highly radioactive and highly stronger than steel. Being radioactive it has effects like slowing down of healing powers like that of Wolverine. The known wielders of this element are Deadpool (in his katanas), Omega Red an enemy of Wolverine and Doctor Octopus.

Comparison in Strength Adamantium>Vibranium>Carbonadium

Thor with hammer GhotCorner.com#4. Uru

This is the material used to create Thor’s hammer called Mjolnir. It is tough and holds enchantments as well. Do I need to explain its powers…We all have seen it in action many times, right?

#5. Gravitonium

This is a high atomic numbered, highly rare metal which has the ability to control gravity fields. It is refereed in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D TV series.

These are the main and prominently mentioned elements in Marvel Universe. There are also little know fictional elements also like Promethium, Scabrite, Yaka, Plandanium etc most of these are extra-terrestrial or magically made.

Which element or material do you think is the strongest… Do comment below!!

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