How Eren became a Titan Shifter?? Spoiler Alert!!

From the beginning of the Anime Series - Attack on Titans I had been haunted with the question of ho w were the titans formed or created and why? I recently only got to know the answer as i am not a regular manga reader. In season 1 of the TV series they were only... Continue Reading →


What’s the attack coming from Far away?-Justice League Trailer Breakdown

Okay finally after much waiting the trailer for DC's Justice League just dropped by few hours ago. Ya the trailer was action pact. It shows Batman (Ben Affleck) recruiting Aquaman(Jason Momoa), Flash(Ezra Miller) and Cyborg(Ray Fisher) which of course was showcased in the teasers. Then we see a conversation between Batman and Wonder Woman(Gal Gadot)... Continue Reading →

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